Ring in the New Year with Bet Tagging.

Ring in the New Year with Bet Tagging.
Bet Tagging on the Pikkit a

Every New Year, people search to improve themselves in one way or another. Whether it is to be more productive, get more sleep, or live healthier. But why does “New Year, New Me” never seem to apply to sports betting? Well, Pikkit's Bet Tracking can change that.

While you look to improve other aspects of your life, let us help improve your sports betting. The Bet Tracking feature will allow you to start a 2023 log, tracking all subsections of your bets. Sure, this allows a bettor to track their record and their ROI on straight bets, parlays, or futures. At the base level, a bettor should do this to find out where they have success.

It is widely accepted that most wagers for a bettor should be straight bets, then a small percentage of your bankroll should be used on parlays. However, until you track each bet type, you won’t know the optimal allocation for this split.

To go further into it, this Pikkit feature allows you to track what bets you have greater success with beyond just the broad types. If we were to talk about NFL, you could see what markets yield higher ROI. Naturally, a bettor wants to bet where they are making money, but often they do not even know what those are.

Pikkit will allow you to seamlessly select a bet and move it into its tracking log. Whether it’s spread betting, rushing attempts props, game totals, or passing yard props, you can effortlessly improve your betting by simply knowing what lane to stay in.

It is said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. In 2023, don't be insane, start tracking your bets.