A Comprehensive Comparison: Bet Tracker App vs. Bet Tracking Spreadsheet

A Comprehensive Comparison: Bet Tracker App vs. Bet Tracking Spreadsheet

If you're reading this article you probably already know the value of a bet tracker.

And if you want your betting to become more accountable, you have several options. The original solution was a bet tracking spreadsheet. These began as Excel templates and evolved into Google Sheets.

Here are some popular examples:

  1. Sportsbook Scout
  2. Aus Sports Betting (multiple odds format and currencies)
  3. F* Unit Betting Template

But like many industries, technology has evolved for sports bettors.

One such tool that has gained popularity in recent years is the bet tracker, which has revolutionized how bettors manage their wagers, and we're proud to pioneer that movement at Pikkit.

In this article, we will share a detailed comparison between a bet tracker app and a bet tracking spreadsheet, exploring their features, benefits, and limitations.

Convenience and Accessibility

Bet Tracker App:

One of the most significant advantages of a bet tracker app is its convenience and accessibility. Designed for use on mobile devices, a bet tracking app enables users to track and manage bets anytime and anywhere, providing real-time updates on odds, results, and scores. The user-friendly interface facilitates quick data input, allowing bettors to log their wagers effortlessly on the go.

Bet Tracking Spreadsheet:

In contrast, a bet tracking spreadsheet is usually limited to a desktop or laptop, restricting accessibility on the move. Bettors using spreadsheets must manually enter their data, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Additionally, the lack of real-time updates means users might miss out on critical information that could influence their betting decisions.

Analytics and Insights

Bet Tracker App:

Bet tracker apps come equipped with advanced analytics and reporting tools, providing users with valuable insights into their betting performance. Users can enjoy visualizations, graphs, and data summaries that highlight trends, winning percentages, and other essential metrics.

Another visual that we created for Pikkit users, which is incredibly popular and often shared across social media is the calendar view:

Bet Tracking Spreadsheet:

While a bet-tracking spreadsheet can be customized to suit individual preferences, it lacks the automated analytics and visual representations offered by bet tracker apps. Creating complex analysis tools and visuals within a spreadsheet requires considerable Excel expertise and time. As a result, many bettors might settle for basic data recording, missing out on the valuable insights that advanced analytics can provide.

Integration with Sportsbooks and Platforms

Bet Tracker App:

Many bet tracker apps offer integration with popular sportsbooks and betting platforms. At Pikkit, we seamlessly connect with over 30 licensed sportsbooks in the US. This integration allows users to automatically synchronize their betting data, eliminating the need for manual entry. Seamless data integration ensures that the latest odds, results, and scores are readily available for analysis, helping bettors stay up-to-date with their betting activities.

Bet Tracking Spreadsheet:

A bet tracking spreadsheet lacks integration capabilities, meaning bettors must manually input data from various sportsbooks and platforms. This can be cumbersome, especially for those who bet across multiple bookmakers. The potential for human error during data entry also poses a risk to data accuracy.

User Experience

Bet Tracker App:

Bet tracker apps are designed with a focus on user experience, offering intuitive interfaces and straightforward navigation. These apps are built to cater to a wide range of users, from beginners to experienced bettors, making it easy for anyone to start tracking their bets efficiently.

Additionally, some bet tracker apps include community features, where users can interact with fellow bettors, share insights, and discuss betting strategies. At Pikkit, this sense of community fosters engagement and can be beneficial for learning from others' experiences and sharing insights in real-time.

Bet Tracking Spreadsheet:

While a bet tracking spreadsheet allows for customization based on individual preferences, its user experience heavily depends on the user's familiarity with Exel or Sheets. Beginners may find it challenging to create a comprehensive bet tracking spreadsheet from scratch, limiting their ability to make the most of the tool's capabilities.


In the battle between a bet tracker app and a bet tracking spreadsheet, the app emerges as the clear winner. It offers superior convenience, analytics, integration, user experience, and portability. With real-time updates, automated synchronization, advanced analytics, and user-friendly interfaces, bet tracker apps provide a seamless and efficient solution for modern bettors seeking to enhance their betting experience.

While a bet tracking spreadsheet allows for customization and might be suitable for individuals with advanced spreadsheet skills, it falls short in various key areas, such as real-time updates, automation, and community. For those looking to optimize their betting activities, a bet tracker app is undoubtedly the essential tool for success. So download Pikkit today.