Alex from OddsJam: Positive EV & Cutting-Edge Tools

Alex from OddsJam uses Pikkit's Bet Tracker to show over $205,000 of profit in one year!

Alex from OddsJam: Positive EV &  Cutting-Edge Tools

Alex Monahan is the co-founder of OddsJam, an all-encompassing smart betting software and website.

Alex is infamous in North American sports betting circles for his sophisticated betting content and his tools.

He's prolific on Twitter and TikTok, but he might be best known for his YouTube content, including a video that has over 1M views:

As the video details, Alex graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Math and Computer Science, and he loves using his number talents to beat sportsbooks. He also commercially sells subscriptions to the same software he uses as a professional bettor.

OddsJam & Positive EV Betting

Alex, as he preaches in all of his content, seeks positive expected value (EV) with his betting.

"You need to place a *large* sample size of Positive EV bets to see a return. It’s a volume game.

To go deeper, Positive EV betting is essentially just…

  • Flipping coins that are 51% to fall heads, 49% tails.
  • Imagine you’re flipping that coin with a friend for $100.
  • Of course, over a “large sample size” of flips, you’ll make money if you pick heads…
  • But that coin is still 49% to show up tails. That means you’re 11.8% to be down $300 after your first three flips… (49% x 49% x 49% = 11.8%)
  • Having an edge doesn’t mean you win every bet – it means you win over the course of the long run."

With that in mind, Pikkit allows Alex to track his performance effortlessly.

And the Pikkit community gets to watch it all in real-time, by following Alex's real plays: Alex on Pikkit

Sharp Betting

Pikkit isn't exclusively focused on EV betting. We exist to make sports betting more social. Our bet tracking software is one of many features, however, it's particularly popular with sharp sports bettors.

Users sync their sportsbook accounts and it automatically monitors the performance and results. Which can be broken down by day, month, sportsbook or sport, amongst other features.

Pikkit users will notice Pikkit's software imagery in this video from Alex $205,000 Profit Sports Betting in One Year!

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