Same Game Parlay: Exploring a Lucrative Betting Strategy

Discover the thrill of Same Game Parlay betting, combining multiple bets within a single game for higher payouts. Unleash your strategic prowess now!

Same Game Parlay: Exploring a Lucrative Betting Strategy

As you'll be aware, same game parlays (SGP) are becoming one of the most popular betting types.

Only several years ago, sportsbooks didn't have the opportunity to offer related markets. Their technology rejected any parlay that was 'related'. And even scenarios where the events within a game weren't related, they still didn't have the appropriate technology.

But that's changed and you'll notice that it is one of the most popular bet types. This innovative concept allows bettors to combine multiple bets within a single game, presenting an enticing opportunity for higher payouts. Think small outlay, large potential payoff.

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Same Game Parlay, discuss its pros and cons, provide tips for successful betting, examine rules on voided legs, and ultimately understand how this unique strategy can be leveraged.

What is a Same Game Parlay?

A Same Game Parlay is a type of bet that allows bettors to combine multiple wagers within a single game. Traditionally, sports betting involved placing individual bets on specific outcomes, such as predicting the winner, the total points scored, or the performance of individual players. However, Same Game Parlays take this concept to the next level by enabling bettors to create custom combinations of various bets in a single wager.

The appeal of Same Game Parlays lies in their flexibility. Bettors can include different types of bets, such as point spreads, over/under, moneyline, and prop bets, all within the same game. This opens up a world of possibilities for bettors to showcase their knowledge, predictions, and strategic thinking.

Examples of Same Game Parlays

To better understand Same Game Parlays, let's consider a few examples:

Example 1: NFL Market

Suppose there is an NFL game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Buffalo Bills. A Same Game Parlay for this match could include betting on the Bills to win the game, Josh Allen to throw over 300 passing yards, and Stefon Diggs to score a touchdown.

As we'll discuss in a later example, those legs are highly correlated, and therefore the odds do not compound significantly from the highest odds option of those three.

Example 2: NBA Game

In an NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns, a Same Game Parlay might involve betting on the Lakers to win, LeBron James to score over 30 points, and Chris Paul to record a double-double.

In this example, the odds should be greater than the NFL because the success of LeBron and Paul are not related.

Pros and Cons of Same Game Parlays

Like any betting strategy, Same Game Parlays have their advantages and disadvantages.


Increased Payout Potential: By combining multiple bets, Same Game Parlays offer the potential for higher payouts compared to traditional single bets. This attracts bettors seeking greater returns for their investments.

Engaging and Interactive: Same Game Parlays involve a deeper level of engagement, as bettors analyze various factors and statistics to create their custom combinations. This enhances the overall betting experience and makes it more enjoyable.

Strategic Decision-Making: Constructing a Same Game Parlay requires careful analysis and strategic decision-making. Bettors need to consider different factors, such as team performance, player form, and game dynamics. This strategic element adds excitement and appeals to those who enjoy the intellectual challenge of sports betting.


Increased Risk: While Same Game Parlays offer the potential for higher payouts, they also come with increased risk. Combining multiple bets means that if one leg of the parlay loses, the entire bet is lost.

Lower Probability: As the number of bets within a Same Game Parlay increases, the probability of winning decreases. This means that even though the potential payout may be enticing, the chances of winning the bet become more challenging.

Tips for Betting Same Game Parlays

To improve your chances of success with Same Game Parlays, consider the following tips:

Limit Your Legs: The more selections in one parlay, the greater your chance of loss. It usually means more margin for the sportsbook too.

Focus on Value: Look for bets with good value rather than blindly including popular or high-profile options. Analyze the odds and potential payouts to identify bets that offer the best value for your Same Game Parlay.

Utilize Prop Bets: Prop bets, which focus on specific player or team performances within a game, can provide valuable opportunities for Same Game Parlays. These bets often have more favorable odds and can add depth to your overall strategy.

Manage Your Bankroll: As with any form of betting, effective bankroll management is crucial. Set a budget for Same Game Parlay bets and avoid placing larger wagers than you can afford to lose. Sticking to a disciplined approach will help you navigate both wins and losses.

Same Game Parlay Rules on Voided Legs

In the event that one leg of a Same Game Parlay is voided or canceled, the rules vary depending on the sportsbook. Some sportsbooks may consider the entire parlay as a loss, while others may adjust the odds and payout based on the remaining legs of the parlay. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the specific rules of the sportsbook you are using to understand how they handle voided legs in Same Game Parlays.

How do Sportsbooks Calculate the Odds for Same Game Parlays?

Sportsbooks employ sophisticated algorithms and models to determine how related each selection is. For example, there is a high correlation between Travis Kelce's receptions, Patrick Mahomes' completions and the Chiefs winning. Customers betting on a related combination like that will not see their odds boost very far.

However, if the Chiefs are playing the Bills and you have Mahomes over 2.5 touchdowns, Josh Allen completions and the total going under 54.5, then these legs are not highly correlated. The total odds for these three legs will exceed the odds for the Kelce/Mahomes/Chiefs example above.

It’s important to recognize that each sportsbook has a different same game parlay technology and odds for the same outcome will fluctuate. It's therefore advisable for bettors to compare odds across different platforms to find the most favorable value for their Same Game Parlays. And you can obviously record those submitted bets with your Pikkit Betting Tracker to determine how successful the strategy is for you, and under what conditions do you have the most success.


Same Game Parlays offer a unique and exciting betting experience for sports enthusiasts. By combining multiple bets within a single game, bettors can enhance their potential payouts and engage more deeply with the games they love.

However, it's important to understand the pros and cons of Same Game Parlays, conduct thorough research, and employ effective bankroll management strategies. With the right approach, Same Game Parlays can be a rewarding addition to your sports betting repertoire.