Sharing and Hiding Bets on Pikkit

Details on how to hide bets from your Pikkit profile.

Sharing and Hiding Bets on Pikkit

If you have been using Pikkit for a while now, you've probably asked the question of whether or not you can hide bets on your profile. Good news, it is possible to either hide all of your bets from the public, bets from selected leagues, bets from after certain date, or bets above or below a certain dollar amount.

We currently do NOT support the ability to pick and choose bets to hide from the public as it goes against our mission of authentically sharing your betting record to others. However, we will look at requests at a case-by-case basis if you truly have a desire to hide a certain bet.

To hide bets on your profile, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Summary page
  2. Click on the Settings icon
  3. Select Bet Sharing
Navigating to Bet Sharing

Here, you will be able to use filers to customize what bets should be made private on your Pikkit account.

To hide all of your bets:

  • Click on "Futures" and toggle off both "Show future bets" and "Show non-future bets"

To hide bets by league:

  • Click on "Leagues" and toggle off the leagues you wish to hide bets for

To hide bets from before a certain date:

  • Click on "Bet Age" and enter the date you wish to include bets from since

To hide bets based on amount:

  • Click on "Bet Amount" and customize hide bets greater than and or less than amounts

To request to hide a specific bet:

  • Click on "Hide Individual Bets"
  • Search for the bet you would like to hide (by team name, player, or league)
  • Provide reasoning for exclusion
  • Hit submit
  • Note: it will be publicly shown on your profile how many individual bets you've hidden along with your reasoning for hiding each bet.