The Pikkit app allows a bettor to analyze their betting history with ease. The app syncs to all your sportsbooks and tracks every single bet automatically, without any manual entry by the user. However, Pikkit goes further than just bet tracking. It is one thing to track bets, but it is another to have an app that breaks down your betting history for you in an easy-to-read way. Whether it is breaking down your bets by sport, sportsbook, bet type, or by individual months, weeks, or days, Pikkit does it all.

Let us show you how the app looks:

Your Bet History

This is the "home base" for our users, where you are able to see an overview of every bet synced to the app. This chart shows your record for the given day, the day before, the current week, the current month, and then all-time history.

The feature allows the bettor to toggle between their profit/losses in units (which you are able to set yourself), in dollars, or display it as your ROI percentage. In the image above the user is showing their net units. If this bettor had a unit of $100, then their lifetime winnings from synced books would be $50,180.

Sectioned off by Sport

The Pikkit app goes a lot further than displaying a simple overview of one's bet history. All your bets are automatically broken up into subcategories. Bet history by sport is likely the most useful data for a sports bettor. If a bettor is seeing a 9% return with betting on the NFL but a -5% ROI with MLB betting, why would continue to devote time and units to baseball?  

Our goal is to help make better sports bettors and we believe bettors improve with knowledge. If you know where your bets are making you money and where they aren't, that alone goes a long way.  

Month by Month

The calendar feature is a fan favorite, allowing users to track their wins and losses in a visually appealing way.  The feature shows your total profit or losses for the month at the top, with each individual day color coded with the results on each given day. By simply clicking on a day our users can see each individual bet they had placed on that day.

Straights or Parlays?

A big debate in the sports betting community is how one prefers to bet. Are you primarily a straight bettor? Do you parlay most of your bets? Or maybe you do a healthy mix of both. No matter your style, Pikkit will make sure to track it.

Track by Bet Type

The app doesn't stop at simply tracking straight or parlay bets, we allow our users to see their stats for player props, money lines, spread bets, and totals. In the image below, we see this user mostly bets player props, but has a higher return on investment with money line and spread bets. Information like this allows users to know their specialties and potentially explore other markets more regularly.

Bet Tagging

There are countless amounts of bet types, markets, and ways for individuals to bet. This is why the Pikkit app allows users to tag their bets manually as well. Whether a bettor wants to track their ROI on just unders, live bets, free bets, or promo bets they are able to with the bet tagging feature.

A Breakdown by Book

So while it may be more helpful to understand your stats by sport and bet type, there is also a need to have a breakdown by each sportsbook. We make it super easy to see what books yield your best results.

Line Shop with Us

While at the heart of it, all Pikkit is a bet-tracking app, we do much more. One of the most useful features offered on the app is line shopping for spreads, totals, and props. A bettor's success stems from the lines they bet, which is why it is vital to get the best line and price possible. Not only does Pikkit connect to your books to track bets, but it also feeds in real timelines amongst your books. Thus, making it easy to check what sportsbook has the best price at any given time. This feature literally saves our users time and money.  

Let's Get Social

Finally, we are all friends at Pikkit. We want more than just bet tracking and enabling users to find great lines. We want a community. Sports betting is more fun when you enjoy the grind with others. People are drawn to those with common goals and interests. So, our app has a prominent social aspect to it.

Pikkit might be the best social media platform for sports betting. Since your accounts sync to your account automatically, it makes it easy to "share bets" on the Pikkit feed. This not only makes it easier for your followers to see what you are betting, but it also makes it easier for them to bet it alongside you.

That's right, the app has a "copy bet" feature that makes the process of seeing a bet and placing it takes just a few seconds. When you hit the copy button, you are taken to an odd shopping screen to see the best current line. Then you simply select the best option and you will be taken directly to that sportsbook, with the bet already loaded in the bet slip.

It is time to pick the Pikkit App, come join our community!


What Does Pikkit Look Like?