Why Pick Pikkit

Why Pick Pikkit

Sports betting is hard to find success in, simple as that. However, bettors that don't use a sports bet tracking app of some kind make the process even harder. Sure, the old fashion way of tracking sports bets on excel is better than not tracking at all, but even that is not enough. To gain more of an edge, try using Pikkit.

So, what is Pikkit? Pikkit is a verified sports betting tracker. The app syncs to your sportsbooks to track every bet that you place. It seamlessly tracks net profit, net losses, win/loss record, return on investment (ROI), and allows each user to tag each type of bet.  The Pikkit app does all this without any manual entry. Thus, saving our users a lot of effort in their tracking. More importantly, it saves our bettor's time. And time is money.

The Benefit of Online Bet Tracking

First and foremost, we live in a visual world. Tracking bets on an excel sheet is not only inefficient, but it is also harder to follow. The Pikkit app's goal in tracking users' bets is three-fold. We want our bet tracker to be accurate and able to track all bet types. Lastly, we want the app to do all this while also being visually appealing.

Importance of Accuracy  

The word verified is a big one for Pikkit as a bet tracker, as we value transparency. Verified means to establish the truth and accuracy of something. Our thing is sports betting.

The need for accurate tracking is one all sports bettors need. Have you ever heard the phrase "If you're going to do something, you better do it right" before? That is the essence of the Pikkit app. It is also something we receive complaints about from a select few users. Although, these said complaints align in a positive way with our goal of making better and more responsible sports bettors.

It is natural to only focus on the positives, and often times people are discouraged by seeing a red (net loss) day, month, or year. Human nature has a tendency to block out the bad or shortcomings in life. Rather than blocking it all out, we should acknowledge shortcomings and work to improve them.

The hard reality of sports betting is that most casual or novice bettors lose money. A big reason why is due to a lack of bankroll management and truthfully tracking success, wager amounts, and the number of bets placed per day. Here is a real example of a Pikkit user that downloaded the app in December 2020.

Screenshot from the Pikkit app from a verified account.

This image is likely very discouring for any bettor, but might be extra deflating for a new bettor. The key is to embrace this data and not run away from it. Why were you losing money? How many bets did you place per day? What markets were successful? What prop bet types lost you the most money? The reason many new bettors continue to lose money is often that they are not aware of the magnitude of their losses. As stated, the human mind is good at blocking out negatives.

The Pikkit app provides a platform where a user cannot easily block out their results. The app creates an environment to improve betting by making users self-aware and able to see where they have success. However, this process often involves showing where a bettor is failing which is a tough (but necessary) part of finding successful.

Here is another Pikkit app screenshot of the same verified bettor shown above, a year later.

Screenshot from the Pikkit app from a verified account.

While Pikkit is not a tool to give you winning bets or give advice on what bets or props to take, it is an app to help our users profit. Once you have an accurate log of every bet that has ever been placed on your sportsbooks, it opens up avenues to make adjustments. At the very least, accurate bet tracking allows a bettor to minimize risk and total losses.  

Pikkit Tracks Numerous Bet Types

You don't know what you don't know. A mouthful to say, but a powerful statement. A person can believe they are an expert on something, but there are usually other factors or information out there that are unknown.

Pikkit lets you know everything about your sports betting. The app automatically tracks each wager by bet type and sportsbook. While our bet tag feature also allows users to tag bets even further and effortlessly. Bet tagging enables a bettor to not just see their win/loss record on NBA player props, but to break them down into specific subsections.

For example, a bettor might have a negative return on investment during the NBA season by betting solely on player props. However, through bet tagging this same bettor would be able to see their success rate betting on points scored props, player assist props or ROI solely on betting unders. It is impossible to corner every market when there are so many bet types offered by sportsbooks. Betting, like most things in life, is about finding what you are good at and sticking with it.

A Visually Appealing Bet Tracker

We live in a visual world. The human mind is extremely receptive to imagery. At Pikkit, it is not just enough to track every bet for our users, we aim to convey this information in a visually appealing way. The power of having information does not mean anything if it is not understood by the recipient. The reason bar graphs, plot charts, and other visual tools work so well is that they display the importance of the data in an easily understandable way. This is no different in sports betting.

The Pikkit app does not simply tell you overall net gain or loss, it allows a bettor to easily see how they are currently trending. It also allows the bettor to view their long-term success or struggles. Sure, knowing whether or not you made a profit in the year is nice, but to see the highs and lows in an interactive graph is better.

If you're looking for an app that tracks your bets for you, keeps you honest, and allows you to easily comprehend your betting trends, look no further than the Pikkit app.